Pneusej VENGA

New era of seed drills

Seed drill designed to fit the requirements of every farmer. Pneusej Venga is a lightweight machine with completely new design and construction, and thanks to the modular system is manufactured in two versions – mounted and trailed. By integrating independent hydraulic axle, 3-pont hitch of the tractor is unloaded, which make this machine suitable for tractors from 80 HP. New design allows to use DXD RC II coulters, which precisely place the seed into the seedbed. Pneusej Venga is designed to increase areal efficiency while minimizing power requirements. Pneusej Venga – reduces inputs, increases yield.

Mounted version

Trailed version

1, Trailed and Mounted version

Modular system allows production of this machine in trailed or mounted version. Integrated hydraulic axle carries the entire machine weight, which reduces tractor power requirements. Axle is placed in front of coulters, which provides better stability and control, and seeding from the edge of a field.

2, Hopper

The seed hopper with capacity of 1,800 liters minimizes downtime. Great accessibility makes filling and cleaning easy.


Dosing unit

3, Dosing unit

Centrally located ACCORD dosing unit allows to accurately adjust seed rate. Good accessibility ensures easy setup and calibration. Dosing unit drive is handled by an automatic switching system based on the position of the axle. Pneusej Venga can be equipped with electronic drive of dosing unit.

4, Operator comfort

Centrally adjustable coulter pressure, simple seed rate adjustment, convenient access to the hopper – now only these things make Pneusej Venga a unique machine. Farmers will also appreciate design of the disc markers, which allows passing under the trees and other obstacles.

Operator comfort


Techncké údajeVenga 400Venga 450Venga 500Venga 600
Pracovný záber (m)44.556
Prepravná šírka (m)3333
Počet riadkov (ks)24/3230/3632/4040/48
Šírka riadkov (cm)16/12,515/12,515/12,515/12,5
Kapacita zásobníka (l)1800
Výsevné jednotkyDXD RCII
Prítlak výsevných jednotiek na jednu pätku (kg)50
Nastavenie prítlakucentrálne
Pohon ventilátora mechanicky 540 alebo 1000 ot./ min alebo hydraulicky
Hmotnosť bez osiva ťahanej verzie od (kg)1560166017601960
Hmotnosť bez osiva nesenej verzie od (kg)1440154016401840
Potrebná ťažná sila ťahaná verzia (HP)90100115120
Potrebná ťažná sila nesená verzia (HP)140140160160
Potrebná ťažná sila ťahaná verzia (kW)67748689
Potrebná ťažná sila nesená verzia (kW)104104119119
Pracovná rýchlosť (km/h)8-12
Výkonnosť (ha/h)3,2-5,53,8-6,24-6,84,2-7,5
Pripojenie ťahaná verziaťažné oko otočné 4 t
Pripojenie nesená verzia3- bodový záves kat.II
Rozmer plniaceho otovoru (m)1,87x0,90
Výška plnenia (m)2.3
Kypriče stôp kolies sejačky (ks)2x2
Kypriče stôp kolies traktora (ks)2x2
Pneumatiky 31x15,5-15

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