Pneusej FANTOM

Seed drill designed for achieving maximum efficiency. Pneusej Fantom is designed to minimize working operations and to place the seed with maximum precision. Passive soil preparation allows higher working speed and work with large amount of crop residue. Thanks to equal weight distribution on pneumatic roller, the surface of the soil is straightened and equally compacted. One pass perfectly prepares seed bed. Pneusej Fantom creates equal conditions for every single seed.

PNEUSEJ FANTOM – one pass, perfect work

1. Disc-harrow soil preparation. Passive soil preparation with disc cultivator allows use in environment with large amount of crop residue. The special shape of discs along with separately suspended console allows maximum material throughput. Spring harrow bar located directly behind the discs prevents creating of lumps and straightens the soil surface.

2. Pneumatic roller. Wide tires evenly compact the soil and contribute to the seedbed consolidation. The design of pneumatic roller limits plugging, and that helps to increase throughput of the seed drill. Integrated lifting axle improves stability on public roads.

3. DD coulters. Disc coulters DD are newly designed type of coulters, that ensure precise seed placement at the bottom of seedbed. Rubber suspension creates the possibility of continuous pressure adjustment. Rubber press wheels helps to precisely maintain the seeding depth even at higher speeds. DD coulters are designed to precisely place the seed. Coulter pressure is 120kg per one coulter.

4. Hopper and Dosing unit. Capacity of the hopper – 3400 litres – minimizes machine downtime. The shape of hopper and location of dosing units improves maintenance simplicity and the ease of adjusting seed rate. ACCORD dosing unit takes care of accurate maintaining of seed rate. Pneusej Fantom can be equipped with Electronic dosing unit drive using DC motor and with ISO-BUS system.


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