Small farm

Mounted version

Hopper 850 l

From 750 kg

Min. 115 HP

Lightweight model designed for combination with active or passive soil cultivation machines is primarily designed for small farms. The working width is 2,5 m or 3 m. Mechanical coulter pressure can be adjusted centrally. The capacity of hopper is 850 liters. It is possible to use the machine separately with the use of universal chassis, that can be connected with quick-attach A-frame. Seed drill Pluma can be combined with PPK or PSK power harrows.

part of the machine

Dosing system

Central feeding is the heart of the whole system. It enables maximally precise metering of sowing in the range 2 – 380kg per hectare. The central completely closed seed roller precisely proportionates the seed and supplies it to the injector canal, where it is mixed with a stream of air from the ventilator, and then it goes to the distributor through the diffusion tube, and goes further into the individual sowing coulters through the seed tubes. The residual seed in the hopper is minimal and can be spilt out by means of discharging flap.

Electronic and control units

Drillmat III

In standard equipment is the drive of dosing unit solved by drive of stepping wheel. In this case, the customer can use the simple electronic and control device Drillmat III, which offer : signaling of seed level, electronic hectare counter, ventilator speed signaling, dosing unit control, 2×2 el. magnetic shut off valves Accord for tramlining.

The seed drill can be equipped with the electronic drive of dosing unit ARTEMIS LITE. This electronic and control device offers drive of one dosing unit using electric motor. Simple and accurate calibration is performed using the calibration button, another big advantage is to increase or decrease the seed rate while driving. In addition to these advantages it offers electronic equipment: signaling of seed level, electronic hectare counter, ventilator speed signaling, dosing unit control, 2×2 el. magnetic shut off valves Accord for tramlining.


The seed drill is designed for small farms, therefore is equipped as standard with a 850 liters hopper. Operator step ensures convenient access to the hopper, which makes it easier and more secure to fill and clean the machine. Large filling opening is equipped with a sieve to catch any types of dirt, and its dimensions offers high comfort during filling.

1. Drive of ventilator

In standard equipment is the seed drill to use with mechanical drive of ventilator, which is specific for low cost maintenance. In additional equipment is possible  to equip the machine with hydraulic drive of ventilator, that improves user comfort and ventilator life.

Mechanical drive of ventilator



Hydraulic drive of ventilator



Hydraulic drive of ventilator for tractors with valve for flow control


2. Seed drills agregation

The seed drill can be used for solo sowing or in combination with power harrow.


Macvhines for soil preparation

Seed drill is possible to aggregate with power harrow Pneusej PPK, with power harrow Pneusej PSK or with universal chassis.

Power harrow PPK



Power harrow PSK


3. Sowing coulteers

On this type of seed drill is possible to use sowing coulters DXD RC I and DXD RC I with fert applicator.

Sowing coulters DXD RC I



Sowing coulters DXD RC I with fertilizer applicator


4. Pressure wheels

Every sowing coulter can be equipped with pressure wheels, which is placed behind the seeding coulter. The main advantage of the pressure wheels is keeping sowing depth. In addition, the pressure wheels function is as a roller to press the soil to the seed. Thanks to these factors, the seed is perfectly placed in the seed bed.

5. Beam of S-harrow springs

Beam of S-harrow springs takes care of optimal seed covering even in a condition with high amount of crop residue. Big advantage is adjustment of angle and pressure of harrows.

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